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Waterford, West Queensland, Australia (4133)
Hatchlings Early Learning has a philosophy based upon a sound Christian ethos which underpins our commitment to providing a loving, nurturing and caring environment for all children, their families and the educators. At our Childcare Early Learning Centre, we will strive to prepare your child for all future challenges ahead, teach important values and live in harmony with each other.Our philosophy focuses on respecting and valuing each child as an individual by fostering feelings of confidence and self esteem through the provision of challenging and developmentally appropriate experiences based on children’s abilities and interests. We acknowledge that children are full of curiosity about themselves, their environment and the world they live in; therefore, we encourage children to be explorers full of curiosity and to make their own discoveries about themselves, others and their world through exploration, investigation and play. We believe that open, honest and positive communication promotes a harmonious environment which fosters active partnerships between children, parents and educators. To know more -