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The Vibrant City of Porto, Portugal

2 December 2023

Porto is a historically rich city located in northern Portugal. It is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe with historically remembered as a point of trade. The city was occupied by Romans, Moors, and Celtic people who are considered the original inhabitants.The city is built along River Douro and extends to the western side of the Atlantic Ocean. The different inhabitants of the city are seen in the vibrant culture of the city as well as the architecture. You experience the culture and have different views of the town as you go through the narrow streets that lead to the river.The steep slope of the city will make you break a sweat but the experience is worth it. Throughout your walk, you will have invitations to cute small restaurants that make local delicacies as well as the famous Porto wine.Occasionally on different turns, you will discover amazing singers who will serenade you with famous ballads and give you a reason to stay one more night. Along the river, there are several restaurants ready to give you a taste of Porto while you rest from your walk enjoying the beautiful view of the river.At the end of your trip here, you will leave historically enriched, culturally experienced, and gastronomically satisfied.
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30 November 2023

Tozeur is one of the most beautiful cities in Tunisia. It's popular and has many attractive touristic views. No wonder that many tourists from the whole entire world come to Tozeur and enjoy their journey in this friendly city. Great sightseeings, friendly habitants and a very good service are the key factors of the emergence of Tozeur as one of the best places to visit in North Africa and in the whole african continent.