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Chiang Mai, Thailand

1 February 2023

My favourite town in ThailandChaing Mai is a beautiful place, a melting pot of culture and the kindest of people. After spending 2 weeks here, I completely fell in love.The food is incredible, don't miss the traditional Northern Thai dish, Khao Soi. Lanna Square night market provides freshly cooked street food, cool places to get a drink, and live music.I spent a day at Thai Farm Cooking School, experienced a bustling Thai market, a beautiful farm where we harvested ingredients and cooked traditional dishes including yellow curry and mango sticky rice.My favourite day here, though had to be at the Elephant Freedom Project. The elephants here are all rescued and given a fresh start, with freedom to roam through the forest. We prepared food and fed them, and also got to trek alongside them.The Buddhist temples are stunning in Chaing Mai, and there are so many that you could spend days just temple hopping and taking in the glorious vibe of this town.
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Nai Harn Beach

29 November 2023

Nai harn beach is a quiet beach located in Phuket, Thailand.this peaceful and picturesque beach is the perfect t location to unwind and relax.