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Paulista Avenue - Avenida Paulista

29 November 2023

One of the biggest landmarks of São Paulo, Avenida Paulista is a massive avenue, constantly crowded with people of all walks of life and different lifestyles, enjoying the very unique vibes of the Big City.You can find everything here, pubs, shopping malls, clothing stores, fast food, Museums, you name it, there is. It's particularly crowded on sunday in particular, when a portion of it is closed off for recreational activities, it's quite a fun place, full of work opportunity and all kinds of people.An interesting curiosity is that it was the very first street in São Paulo to have asphalt laid on it, and it's also where the very first Mcdonald's was opened, currently named Méqui 1000.Day or night, there's always something to do, and it's right next to Rua Augusta, a street where the night-life is quite active.