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A Towering Geiser That Epitomizes Geneva

29 November 2023

As enduring symbols of cities go, Geneva has chosen well with the Jet d'Eau. This iconic fountain shoots water nearly 500 feet in the air, making it one of the tallest fountains in the world. More than just a showy spectacle, the Jet d'Eau beautifully encapsulates Geneva's character and history.Approaching the fountain along the shoreline, you first glimpse the vertical stream of water extending far into the sky above Lake Geneva. The power and height is initially jarring as it dwarfs all surrounding buildings and natural features. Get closer and you appreciate the engineering prowess required to pump water with such force and precision. The streams catch the breeze and sway gently, evoking the fountain's early start as a safety valve for a hydraulic plant in 1886.Overall, the Jet d'Eau fuses function and aesthetics to deliver a fountain that is uniquely Geneva. Majestic yet playful, mighty yet graceful, the Jet d'Eau embodies the blend of natural wonder, scientific innovation, and beauty that the Swiss city is known for. No first time visit to Geneva is complete without seeing this geiser in action!