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Morocco Desert Tours From Marrakech

24 July 2023

Morocco Desert Tours - The Iconic Moroccan ExperienceThe silence in the Sahara Desert is palpable as the warm morning sun rises behind a sea of dunes coloring its surroundings in an orange and golden light – like guardians of time, the high golden sand dunes of Morocco tower around you, making you feel so isolated and so immersed at the same time. A lone oryx appears out of nowhere, crossing the road in a gentle trot, whirling up dust that sparkles in the sun. Morocco desert tours will take you to a world where time seems to be standing still and nothing else seems to matter than being present right here and right now.Where To Experience THE BEST Desert Tours From MarrakechThe Sahara Desert is of course a great place to experience Morocco desert tours from Marrakech . In Morocco, there are two major Ergs that can be the main highlights to enjoy on your Morocco trip. Photographers and nature lovers will appreciate the stunning landscapes, colors, and contrasts. Travelers who are seeking a break from long-driving distances can get active on hikes up and down the dunes; and young explorers can learn about desert inhabitants and their lifestyle.Erg Chebbi is relatively easy to reach from both Fes and Marrakech. It is less remote but it is where you can have the chance to see a really brilliant collection of orange sand dunes with a height of 125m up. Erg Chebbi is a great destination for those travelers who are in Fes or want to make a direction to Fes with an overnight stay in the desert tents in the middle of nowhere.Erg Chigaga is considered to be the wildest desert in Morocco with sand dunes around 60m high. It is less developed and it takes a 2 hours off-road journey by 4×4 vehicle to reach the great dunes. You will be off the beaten path, yet despite that, you will be traveling within Morocco’s largest protected national park, a rich desert wilderness (read about Iriqui National Park).Visit our website :