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10 May 2023

Let me tell you about Da Lat - the "City of Eternal Spring".It's no wonder that everyone in Vietnam always finds every opportunity to escape to Da Lat. Maybe all of us want to escape from the year-round heat of the tropical country, partly because Da Lat is so charming and incredibly fascinating.For couples, Da Lat is definitely an ideal destination to cherish sweet memories, strolling hand in hand through the chilly weather and understanding each other better through the stories that have never been told before.For friends, Da Lat is always a wonderful place to enjoy unique cuisine at the night market, discover hidden local coffee shops and indulge in cocktails when the city lights up.The true charm of Da Lat reveals itself when we take a moment to slow down and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature to feel the healing in our souls after the hustle and bustle of daily life.What do you hope to experience when you come to Da Lat?Let us write your own stories and bring Da Lat closer to you.