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Things to do in Porto Seguro

Recife de Fora Marine Park
Porto Seguro has numerous tourist attractions, and one highlight is the Recife de Fora Marine Park, one of the largest concentrations of marine biodiversity of Brazil. It shelters rare species of corals, fish, turtles and other animals with impressive beauty. Recife de Fora is a large natural pool stretching over 17 square kilometres in the midst of the sea. Only one part is open to tourists, the remainder is a preservation area. You can practice different types of diving, such as snorkelling and diving, in places with a depth of up to 15 meters. To get there, we must take a schooner ride of about 45 minutes and during this journey, you can rent a snorkel to dive. To ensure your safety and make the tour more enjoyable and the dives possible, the schooners leave for the Park during low tide.
Reserva da Jaqueira
Are you travelling, but would like to have a totally different experience? Therefore, the 800 hectares of native forest and the hollows distributed throughout the Reserva da Jaqueira will impress you! The entire village is still built similarly to the original and colonial times. And you don't have to worry about anything! After all, this Indian village in Porto Seguro is fully committed to the goal of sustainable development. Therefore, tourists are very welcome and have the chance to admire celebrations, celebrations and Indians dressed in character. In addition, you can even take a risk in the practice of archery, buy handicrafts made in the tribe and participate in ecological trails. It does not stop there! The integration with the Pataxó Indians in Porto Seguro also includes the participation of rituals, body painting and the taste of typical gastronomy. Did you like the idea? So, this text was made entirely for you. Check out all the information to discover the Reserva da Jaqueira, try the fish baked in the leaf of the patio and even spend the night in the village. It's a very interesting program, isn't it? And all of this is at a very reasonable distance from the city!
Marco do Descobrimento
What is the Discovery Landmark? How important is this monument to our history? This is because the discovery landmark is the name given to a specific monument in Bahia, in Porto Seguro. Mainly known for being the first monument brought by the Portuguese, around 1500, in the so-called “discovery” of the country. After all, this is one of the main tourist spots for those who love history. We can define the Marco do Descobrimento as a Portuguese stone column that features an inscription, whose function is to affirm Portuguese sovereignty in the place where it is inserted. It's almost like saying: Portugal is the law and the divinity !!! The place where the Marco do Discovery stone is inserted is easily accessible to the public since it is located in the Historic Center of Porto Seguro. Being easily accessible even more because it is not necessarily inside any religious chapel present on the site. There is only one glass dome that has been placed for the preservation of the monument.
Passarela do Alcool
The Passarela do Álcool in Porto Seguro can be defined as a mix of shopping mall and bohemian space. Officially known as “Passarela do Descobrimento”, this is the traditional meeting place for those who want to enjoy the night. On the site, you can find craft shops and gifts, bars, restaurants and boutiques. As evening falls, the Passarela do Álcool in Porto Seguro in Bahia covers stalls with beats. For this reason, these stalls are exceptional when it comes to discovering new drinks and delicious fruit drinks with alcoholic beverages. But, the place is also an excellent choice to know the typical Bahian gastronomy and wonderful recipes with seafood. If you have the intention of having a delicious meal before enjoying some cocktails, the tip is to visit “O Beco”. At the end of the Passarela do Descobrimento, this lane brings together very quiet and pleasant bars and restaurants. Ideal establishments to start or end the night.
Arraial d Ajuda Eco Parque
Imagine a place where you can rest, relax, live adventures, enjoy all the best attractions of a water park. All of this close to nature, and just 5km away from the paradisiacal Porto Seguro, in Bahia. Well, this is Arraial d Ajuda Eco Parque! It is worth mentioning that the place is also known as Eco Park of Arraial D'Ajuda. In reference to the famous district in which the park is located. The area is one of the largest, best and most famous ecological water parks in the world, as well as being a highlight in Latin America. Some of the highlights of the Eco Park of Arraial D'Ajuda are its slides and mind-boggling slides. Therefore, the public's favourites are called Uga-Uga and Quereimbaba. While the first is composed by the impressive junction of eight giant 26-meter long tracks, the second is a pair of Kamikaze-style slides with more than 15 meters in height that reach high speed.
The village of Caraíva in Bahia is formed by fishermen and has a very rustic style. This is one of those places that seem to have stood still in time. And, precisely, because of this old and pleasant way it is becoming a real sensation among tourists. When you close the distance between Trancoso and Caraíva, you will find dirt roads, rustic establishments and a small-town style. Even though Caraíva has acquired a slightly satisfactory structure, it still makes it clear that its essence is that of a fishing village and simple people. But, there is another reason and one of the main differentials of this very peculiar place! The truth is that automobiles cannot access this haven of modern life. The entire transfer of both the population and visitors needs to be carried out with boats and small boats. Doesn't it look like something from the last century? But, don't be fooled by this little difficulty! Whether to admire the sunset on the river, observe the meeting of the river's waters with the ocean and even to dance a lot at the balls animated by that tasty little forróro, you should consider the village and the Caraíva beach as your next destination.
Taperapuan Beach
How about visiting a democratic beach, which is perfect for both enjoyment and rest? The tip you needed is to visit Taperapuan Beach, one of the most famous and sought after for tourism in Porto Seguro. Taperapuan Beach is attractive for families and people of all ages. In addition to being a true natural refuge, it is one of the most popular beaches for tourists. Crystal clear blue waters of the sea area surrounded by coconut trees, which move with the warm breeze of Porto Seguro's climate. Feel the wind hitting your face as you walk quietly along the beach sidewalks. The sea is suitable for children to play, but parental supervision is recommended, as there are some holes in the sand. In the late afternoon, stay to watch the exuberant sunset, when the sun falls over the sea forming a beautiful integration in breathtaking red and purple tones.
Porto Seguro Lighthouse
The Porto Seguro Lighthouse is in the state of Bahia. This is one of the main attractions of the region according to the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute. It is a lighthouse and a 12-meter high gallery, being a masonry tower. The Porto Seguro Lighthouse is capable of emitting two white lightnings followed by a red one every 30 seconds. One of the main reasons why there are many tourists at the Porto Seguro Lighthouse is not only the incredible view of the sea. This is because there is also the weight of the whole story it represents. Representing more than 100 years of history, this structure was inaugurated on July 10, 1907. It all happened after a decision taken by the Casa da Câmara and Cadeia. Being one of the most conventional and facilitated ways in addition to bringing more pleasant lighting, it also provides security. The first Porto Seguro Lighthouse would have been constructed from another material: iron structure, with an external staircase as its main characteristic. Therefore, it was rebuilt in 1947, using considerably safer material. The reform was one of the main changes, covering the amount of visits by the tourist spot.