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Komodo National Park, Indonesia

23 June 2023

The best day of 6 months in South East Asia!Komodo National Park is so beautiful that you can't believe it is real.Imagine seeing Komodo Dragons, sea turtles and manta rays all in one day! Not to mention the PINK sand beach and a stunning sunrise on the boat.Trips to Komodo National Park aren't cheap, but the entry fees are designed to protect the beautiful landscapes and ocean from being destroyed by too many tourists.
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An Adventure into Papua's Captivating Heartland

1 December 2023

Nestled high amongst the lush central mountains of Papua, the breathtaking Baliem Valley offers a portal into the unique indigenous tribal culture and unspoiled wilderness of this region. Trekking through picturesque hillside villages dotted with traditional 'honai' huts and sweet potato farms, one encounters the warm and welcoming Dani people in their spectacular highland setting. From witnessing tribal rituals to exploring ancient battle sites, the enchanting Baliem Valley provides adventurous visitors with an unforgettable journey into Papua's mesmerizing heartland. This pristine river valley not only delights but also educates on a way of life stretching back centuries.