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Bs Bolívar
Area:912,050 km2
Languages: Spanish
Plaza del Rosario de Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira
This is a beautiful plaza with several wonderful sculptures. It is located near the Santa Barbara Church and has beautiful fountains around it. The plaza is home to the Virgin of Chiquinquira’s monument which is 18 meters tall. Then there are some nymphs with wings around the monument that are paying a tribute to the Virgin.
Aquaventura Park
This park is worth visiting, if you are traveling to Maracaibo with your children. There are several exciting rides, pools and other interesting activities you can enjoy there. The staff of the park is well-trained and friendly.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia is a national institution of multiple cultural actions designed to insert itself deeply into the community. MACZUL is a cultural project born in Maracaibo thanks to the initiative of the University of Zulia. The MACZUL art collection is mostly made up of high-quality contemporary artworks of aesthetic and creative significance or of documentaries, historical, technical and/or didactic importance, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, designs, prints, illustrations, photographs, textiles, fireworks, video art and experimental non-objective artistic manifestations.
Castillo de San Carlos de le Barra
This is a historical castle built in the seventeenth century to protect the residents of Maracaibo from pirate attacks. It was the time when the city was attacked by pirates more often. Later, this castle was used for different purposes in different eras. In the nineteenth century, the Venezuelan army used it for military purposes. Then during Juan Vicenre Gomez’s dictatorship, it served as a prisoner for political antagonists. The government declared the Castillo de San Carlos de le Barra a National Historic Landmark in 1965.