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Great Bird Island
Bird Island is a 20 acre islet lying almost three kilometers north-east of Antigua. Over 20,000 tourists visit Great Bird Island annually who generally regard it as a “desert island” dream. Named by sailors who were amazed at the number of birds that they found living and nesting there, Great Bird Island is a miniature paradise. White sand beaches at either end of the sandbar are the main attraction for visitors
Museum of Antigua and Barbuda
The Museum, located in downtown St. John’s, provides an interesting background of the nation’s history from 10,000 years ago.
Heritage Quay
Heritage Quay is the place to be when visiting Antigua's capital city of St. John's. The largest and modern of two Quays in St. John’s, Heritage Quay is a shopper's paradise, offering two floors of a wide array of duty and tax free merchandise for travellers looking to cash in on amazing value and savings from retail prices of Europe and USA.
Wadadli Animal Nature Park
Wadadli Animal Nature Park is the only one of its kind on the island. If you are a lover of nature this park is a must to see.
Stingray City Antigua
Your Stingray City Antigua Snorkel Adventure will be the highlight of your vacation. An experience that will live with you forever. Our Southern Rays are the brightest rays in the Caribbean, very friendly and gentle. Come and enjoy interacting and feeding a Stingray, together with snorkeling amongst magnificent coral reefs and colourful tropical fish. When we return to our land base, enjoy a complimentary rum or fruit punch. Come, journey with us over to Stingray City where you can make a splash with stingrays and snorkel alongside ‘The Brightest Rays in the Caribbean’, one of nature’s most amazing and captivating creatures. Afterwards, enjoy a refreshing rum or fruit punch and truly take in the sights of our Caribbean paradise. Come and visit the 'Brightest Rays in the Caribbean'!
Nelson's Dockyard
Fully restored to its original splendor, the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings of the Dockyard house modern amenities such as shops, hotels, and marina businesses. Outside the dockyard, historic forts dot the landscape of the park accessible by hiking trails which allow visitors to enjoy the park's scenic and natural beauty.
Frigate Bird Sanctuary
Barbuda is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, particularly its Pink Sand, which is a treasure to many…But there is more to this breathtaking treasure box than sparkling sands and emerald sea.Barbuda is home to the largest Frigate Bird Colony in the western hemisphere.
Hermitage Bay
This secluded beach stretches for over 1,250 feet and is located at the extreme western end of Antigua.
Martello Tower
The Martello Tower is situated on the south coast of Barbuda. It was built in the early 1800s as a defence base for the British, to stand guard over the river landing, the island’s original quay. Its name was derived from a tower Cape Martella in Corsica, that the British had difficulty in taking in 1974. The current fort was erected on the site of a preexisting fort, presumed to have been built by the Spanish, dating back to 1745. The 32-foot tall tower commands great views over most of the island. The fort, which was once armed with three guns, is placed near a small stream which only appeared in wet weather.
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